About Us!

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We believe that all types of Diabetes deserve to be decorated! From Type 1, Type 2, Type 3c, MODY, to LADA and everything in between!

So why Type 1 Toucan? Well, we are a couple who have been together since early 2018, and we both have type 1 diabetes. So it's kind of like "Type 1... two can!". I know, it's a poor pun, but we love it. And I have a love for all things tropical. 

I'm Emma, and I was diagnosed on my 29th Birthday back in June 2014 and have been decorating my kit ever since, I used to make wedding decorations so I had all the supplies. Then I started making them for others and here we are. I flip between my pump and pens, and I have been using a CGM for 6 years +, first the Libre, The Dexcom G5, and now Dexcom G6.

Mike was diagnosed in his teens and is on the Medtronic Pump and Enlite CGM. He is happy with his kit. 


Let's face it, diabetes isn't a fun thing to manage day in day out, but if we can help you bring a little bit of cheer or sparkle to your management, then we are happy. We also look for ways to make it more fun for younger warriors to manage, and are always more than happy to hear from you. Go ahead and check out our Instagram page to get involved.




Emma and Mike