Derek and the Sticker Shop

Derek and the Sticker Shop

Once upon a time, in the magical candy realm of Sweetfire Vale, there lived a sparkly blue dragon called Derek. Derek was a cheeky dragon who had Type 1 Diabetes. He tried to never let diabetes dull his sparkle, and even though he carefully managed his condition, he would sometimes feel sad and self-conscious about the diabetes technology he had to wear.


Derek wore an insulin pump; a small device that helped him regulate his blood sugar levels, and a continuous glucose monitor; an even smaller device that magically sent his blood sugar readings to his pump. He hadn’t had his devices very long, and although he understood their importance, he couldn't shake the feeling that it made him stand out from other dragons. He longed for a way to embrace his uniqueness and turn his pump into something that reflected his cheeky personality.


One day, as Derek moped around Sweetfire Plaza, he stumbled upon a small store called Ember’s Sticker Shop, filled with colourful stickers and cheerful decorations. An idea sparked in his mind. He approached the friendly shopkeeper, Ember, and shared his desire to transform his insulin pump into something that would make him feel happy and confident.


Ember looked at Derek with an excited grin, “I also have type 1 diabetes!” she explained. They were both overjoyed to meet another diabetic dragon and Ember eagerly showed him her range of stickers for diabetes devices! She had made a wide array of stickers, ranging from neon stars to whimsical rainbows, and even little patterns made of colourful cotton candy clouds!


Derek’s eyes twinkled with excitement and belonging as he carefully picked out a small assortment of stickers to choose from. There were fiery dragon decals, vibrant flowers, and even some with encouraging messages like "Diabetes won't stop me flying!", perfect reminders of his strength and determination. After many minutes of repeatedly changing his mind, Derek finally chose the cotton candy clouds.


“Oh Ember, aren’t we silly decorating our diabetes?” giggled Derek. Ember looked at him kindly and said, “We carry these devices with us everywhere, so why not make them fun?!”. Derek felt so happy to have made his first real life diabuddy, who he immediately felt as though he had known for years.


With his newfound collection of stickers, Derek returned home, and phoned his best friend Lily to tell her about his exciting day. They chatted away as he carefully applied the stickers, each one adding a touch of magic and sparkle, turning his once ordinary pump into a work of art.


When Derek looked at himself in the mirror, a humungous smile crossed his face. He felt proud to wear his insulin pump. It was no longer just a reminder of his condition—it was a testament to his individuality and resilience. He knew that the stickers reflected his courage in facing each day with a smile, despite the challenges he encountered.


As Derek enjoyed his adventures in Sweetfire Vale, dragons of all ages marvelled at his beautifully decorated devices. Some even shared their own stories of finding unique ways to make their own technology feel more personal. Derek’s devices became a symbol of hope and self-acceptance for dragons across the land.


Inspired by Derek and Ember’s story, other diabetic dragons began seeking out stickers and decorations for their diabetes technology. The once boring devices transformed into vibrant displays of personality and confidence, showing the world that dragons with diabetes could embrace their differences and soar with pride.


Derek's story spread far and wide, touching the hearts of dragons everywhere. Sticker shops like Ember’s popped up throughout the Dragon realm, offering dragons the chance to celebrate their uniqueness. They became gathering places for dragons to share their stories, offer support, and bond over their shared experiences. Even those dragons that chose not to wear stickers, could meet and chat with other diabetic dragons in cosy surroundings.


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