Derek and the Legend of the Candy Floss Clouds

Derek and the Legend of the Candy Floss Clouds

Once upon a time, in a magical land called Sweetfire Vale, Derek, the cheeky dragon with Type 1 Diabetes, awoke to the sun shining brightly through his window. “What a wonderful day for flying” he thought excitedly, as he grabbed his diabetes kit and hurried out of his lair.

With his Dexcom and Dslim clipped to his glittering blue scales, Derek soared through the skies. Suddenly he spotted a rather enchanting sight - clouds made entirely of fluffy cotton candy! He had heard about the legend of the Cotton Candy Clouds, but had never believed they really existed! His eyes glistened with excitement as he swooped closer to get a better look, not /thinking of the effect they may have on his blood sugar levels.

Colourful streaks of cotton candy filled the air, swirling and dancing with every breeze. The sweet aroma of sugar tickled Derek's senses, beckoning him to explore this sugary phenomenon. Without hesitation, he flew straight into the midst of the cotton candy clouds, diving headfirst into the delicious adventure.

It wasn't long before Derek found himself surrounded by cotton candy in every shade imaginable. Pink clouds twirled around him, reminding him of spun sugar dreams. Blue clouds floated gracefully, whispering the promise of blueberry sweetness. Each cloud seemed to have its own distinct flavour, calling out to Derek, challenging him to indulge.

As Derek began to taste the irresistible candy goodness, his Dexcom began to beep as his sugar levels began to rise. As much as he wanted to dive into the candy-laden clouds, he needed to find a balance between having fun and taking care of his health by learning to bolus for the carbohydrates that he consumed, allowing him to enjoy the clouds as he went.

With a determined spark in his eyes, Derek decided to create his own game within the cotton candy clouds. He soared around, weaving in and out of the sweet clouds, using his wings to shape them into different designs. From sugar-spun castles to fluffy dragons, Derek formed an entire sweet kingdom in the sky.

As he played, Derek found a new depth to his adventures. It wasn't just about satisfying his cravings; it was about the joy of creativity and the ability to share his imagination with others. He invited his best friend Lily to join him, and together they laughed and twirled among the cotton candy clouds, revelling in the moment.

Derek never forgot his responsibility to manage his diabetes, and every time they visited the cotton candy clouds, he got more experienced in managing his blood sugar levels. Over time, he even discovered a clever trick: he found a way to create sugar-free clouds in different flavours! Although they lacked the same sweetness, they still held the light and fluffy texture that had enchanted him from the start, meaning that it was safe to soar through the colourful clouds without raising his glucose levels. Of course, Derek still allowed himself a treat now and then in the original clouds.

Derek's sugar-free clouds became a sensation in Sweetfire Vale. The residents marvelled at his ingenuity and imagination. Derek became known not only as the silly dragon who tried to cure his diabetes with paper towels, but as a dragon who knew how to find a balance between fun and health.

As time passed, the cotton candy clouds became a symbol of Derek's spirit – playful, imaginative, and considerate of others. He continued to explore Sweetfire Vale and its wonders, sharing the story of his adventure and inspiring others to find their own unique ways to enjoy life's sweet moments safely.



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