Meet our Diabuddies!

Meet our Diabuddies!

Meet Our Diabuddies!

Name:                 Florence Flamingo
Nickname:          Flo
Type:                   1
Devices:              Freestyle Libre and Omnipod
More info:           Flo loves all of her devices to be pink or purple, and is frequently decorating them. She loves life to be fabulous!

Name:                  Derek the Dragon
Type:                    Dragonbetes
Devices:               Dexcom and magic
More info:            Derek accidently breathes fire when he is hypo, which sometimes gets him in trouble. Derek also changes colour depending on his blood sugar levels!

Name:                  Diabot
Species:               Robot
Type:                   Unknown
Devices:              Unknown
More info:           Diabot is the cybernetic diabetes assistant sent back from the future.

Name:                   Mellitus Moo
Nickname:            Mel
Type:                     MODY  
Devices:               Freestyle Libre 2, Insulin Pens
More info:            Mel loves strawberry milkshake, and often uses it to treat hypos. When Mel has drunk too much strawberry milkshake, their spots turn pink

Name:                 Harry Highland
Nickname:          Harry the Hypo
Type:                   1
Devices:              Dexcom, Tslim
More info:           Harry grazes on grass all day every day, so his team decided to put him on an insulin pump to avoid swinging blood sugars

Name:                  Lancet Leopard
Nickname:           Lance
Type:                    1.5
Devices:              Tslim and finger pricks
More info:            Even though it’s his namesake, Lance always forgets to change his lancet. He sets himself reminders on his phone to try to remember.