Cyborg Patch Care

Cyborg Patch Care

Cyborg patches are designed to help your device stick and should last between 5-14 days when given a little extra care. We all have different skin, so to get as many days as possible please read below. Our patches are made using one of the market leaders in medical tape, 3M, which the majority of printed over patch companies use, because the performance is brilliant. If you have had success with other printed patches, you will love ours too. If not, there are some top tips that should help to keep your patch stuck longer. 

Application Top Tips:

-Clean and dry site at least 30 minutes before application.

-Use an alcohol wipe then skin-tac to prep the skin (caution for sensitive skin).

-Peel the backing half way down and without touching the glue, line up the patch.

-Avoid areas where skin folds.

-Peel away the remaining backing and push down the Cyborg Patch firmly and evenly.

-Keep the patch moisture free for at least 2 hours after application.

-Take a look and enjoy

-Store patches in a dry area

For dry skin:
Exfoliate the area in the lead up to applying the patch, as adhesives will stick to the top layer, and peel away with dry skin. If moisturiser is required, ensure that the area is cleaned with warm soapy water at least 30 minutes before application.

For oil prone skin:
Try cleaning the area with alcohol and allowing to dry thoroughly. Remember to rotate your sites as alcohol can cause irritation. 

-Cyborg patches are very sticky, when you are ready to remove the tape please do so gently as ripping quickly can cause skin trauma. After a bath or shower is ideal.